Who Is Lereko Captivate

Established in 2016, Lereko Captivate is an effective partner in the procurement of vehicle related products in South Africa, and is a proudly Lereko Investment (Pty) Ltd company.

With enterprises encouraged through their scorecards to procure from entities that have a good B-BBEE contribution level, Lereko’s 30 years of combined experience, is able to offer assistance in branding, advertising, printing, as well as procurement on multi platform levels of vehicle accessories and equipment.

As a Level 2 BEE contributor, Lereko Captivate manages all the negotiation and acquisition responsibilities whilst working with leading South African brands and key suppliers to meet your procurement needs. Through our skilled buyers, Lereko finds you the best prices across a wide range of industries whilst ensuring quality, efficiency and customisation that fits each client’s business interests. This innovative branding solution was developed exclusively by Lereko Captivate and supported in development with Graffiti.

Lereko Captivate is now able to offer vehicle related procurement, vehicle branding, truck and truck tarpaulin branding to our clients at a cost-effective marketing platforms.